Treat “Your” cavities to protect your child…

If you Want your child to have a healthy smile, Get “YOUR” dental treatment as soon as possible.


Getting your dental treatment done for your child’s dental health???

Seems odd? Sure it does. But after your read this, it will make perfect sense to you.

Dental caries (Cavities or decay as we know them) are the most common communicable diseases of children.

If you have dental caries in your mouth, there is a very high possibility that your child will get them too.

While you express your love for your child by kissing him/her on the cheeks, you are infact transmitting much more than only love. you are gifting your disease causing bacteria to your loved one.

Other means bacteria can be transmitted are by shared spoons, etc and while you blow into milk, etc to cool it..

By getting your dental treatment done, you are basically decreasing the bacterial count in your mouth and also learn healthy habits which you will pass on to your child.

So, you will transmit only what you want to.. LOTS n LOTS of LOve and a lifetime of healthy smiles without the fear of transmitting disease.

Also, get a regular dental checkup done for your child by a  pediatric dentist.

Think about it, because you wouldn’t want your child to suffer all life just because you had dental diseases…

Book an Appointment now to know how you may have a healthy smile for you and your child.

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