Missing teeth?

Why Replace Missing Teeth ?

Losing a Tooth can be stressful.  Losing a tooth or multiple teeth is not just an emotional event but has long-lasting and cascading effects on your remaining teeth and general health as well. We understand your pain.

We urge all our patients to prevent losing teeth.  There have been sufficient advancements in dentistry that extraction of teeth has become an exception rather than a norm as it was in older times. We try to save as many teeth as possible and choose extraction only as a last resort for hopeless teeth because we know there is no real replacement for natural teeth. That said, if you have some missing teeth because of an accident, extensive cavities, extensive bone loss, congenitally missing teeth, etc., worry not.   Our replacement teeth do look and function just like natural teeth, so much that you and others wouldn’t know the difference. Before we explain about replacement options, let us discuss why we need to replace all missing teeth. When someone loses a front tooth, they always want to replace it as soon as possible for aesthetic reasons (Looks Matter), but the back teeth are often ignored. But, It is very important to replace any missing teeth because a loss of even one tooth can lead to a complete dental collapse. The effects may not be immediately visible but can be devastating over a period of time.

Xray showing consequences of missing tooth.


These may lead to:

  • Loss of support of adjacent teeth.

  • Cavities and bone problems which may be difficult to treat

  • Bone loss in adjacent teeth.

  • Space loss which makes replacement difficult or impossible at later stages.

  • Loss of chewing ability.

  • Poor occlusion and a misaligned bite.

  • TMJ Joint Problems due to tooth misalignment.

  • Loss of More teeth.

  • TMJ Joint problems

Talk to us to find out the best options for replacement of your missing teeth.