Read this before getting Dental Implants/ Replacing missing teeth.

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Top Reasons why we are among the best choice for Missing Teeth Replacement In Noida.

All Teeth Replacement treatment at Dentessence is exclusively carried out by specialist  Prosthodontist only. We provide the widest range of treatment options for replacement of missing teeth like Dental Implants, Metal-free Bridges, Precision Attachments, Dentures, Cast partial Dentures, OverDentures,Etc.

A prosthodontist is the only DCI (Dental Council of India) certified specialist for replacement of missing teeth with any means like Implants, Dental Crowns/Bridges, Dentures, etc. They undergo 3 years of advanced training (MDS)  in Prosthodontics and have in-depth Knowledge and experience about various aspects of tooth replacements like movements of Jaw, Occlusion, Etc.

We give you 5 E’s why you can trust us for your dental needs.

E-Education E-Expertise E-Experience E-Equipment E-Ethics


Our Prosthodontist Dr. Gaurav is a highly qualified and has been trained at one of the best institutes in the country.

He is one of the very few Prosthodontists in Noida who have completed BDS and MDS from Govt. Colleges.

BDS:  He completed his BDS from Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai which is the 3rd oldest dental college in India (Started in 1933) and is consistently ranked among the top 5 dental colleges in India. Admissions to this Govt. institute can only be secured through highly competitive Pre-Medical Entrance Exams conducted by the Govt. (CBSE).  This institute helped in creating very strong basics of dentistry and foundation for further advanced studies. And as they say, you cannot build a good building unless the foundation is strong.

MDS: He completed MDS in Prosthodontics from Govt. Dental College, Indore By securing rank 59(General Category) in All-India Pre-PG entrance exam conducted By AIIMS, Delhi. Only about 0.5% Dentists who appear in this exam are able to secure admissions in Government colleges. To put that into perspective, it is more difficult to get into MDS in Govt. Institute that getting into IITs.



Dr. Gaurav Kumar Goel is an expert for handling all sorts of Prosthodontic cases ranging from a single tooth to full arch treatment and Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

We also have a team of specialists to handle specific aspects of the treatment like Surgery, Gum treatments, etc whenever indicated.



We have the right kind of experience. Dr. Gaurav has an experience of about 15 yrs in dentistry and about 10 years as a specialist prosthodontist.

We are equipped with just the right mix of knowledge, experience, and caution to make predictable treatment plans and clinical judgment.

We are young enough to be aware of the latest modern knowledge and technology and old enough to have sufficient clinical and practical experience and fine clinical judgment.

EQUIPMENT:  MATERIALS, AND LABS: We put your health First.

 We use only the best available equipment, Materials and Labs to provide you with the best possible treatment options and deliver predictable and long-lasting results. We try to keep our overhead expenses low to ensure that we can spend more on getting the best of what matters the most for you. So no cost-cutting in materials and lab selection ensures better results and better patient satisfaction

Just to share an incident, I was once talking to a colleague running the dental unit at one of the very reputed hospitals. He told that whatever money they get, the hospital takes away 40% of it as their share and they have to manage everything in the remaining 60% including salaries, materials, maintenance, labs costs, etc. Anyone can easily imagine the value for money one would get at such a place.


Ethics: We Stand by what we do.

I was once at one of my dentist friend’s clinic where she was delivering a denture to her patient. One she gave the denture, she said, “Aunty, Now that we have given the denture to you,  it is your property and you are responsible for it and should take care of it.”

We would never say that- we stand by our work and take responsibility for whatever we do. 

We encourage you to ask questions and be an active participant for your treatment planning. (Read This.)

We work for our satisfaction more than yours. We understand that we have more knowledge about dentistry than you do and make sure the things are done correctly even if you would not be able to know if it’s not.

If we ever catch some discrepancy in a crown, etc. , we would make it right and get it repeated from the lab rather than pass it on to you.