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A smile makeover is the process of improving ones smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers, white fillings, crowns, dental caps, or bridges. A smile makeover will restore chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth, restore your bite, and return the muscles that control your jaw movement to their natural position.
Our cosmetic dentist will evaluate your teeth, gums, underlying support structure and bite (occlusion) to determine candidacy for a smile makeover. If you have any previous oral health problems they will need to be addressed prior to your smile makeover treatment.

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Alignment: Teeth that are misaligned can be straightened and properly aligned through orthodontics or veneers.
Spacing: Teeth that have gaps between them may be treated with orthodontic or cosmetic procedure.
Missing Teeth: Missing teeth are unsightly hindrances that affect the appearance of your smile. They can be replaced with dental implants or bridges.
Chipped, Cracked, or Uneven Teeth: Teeth that are chipped, cracked, or uneven can be cosmetically bonded with restortions or veneers to improve appearance.
Unshapely Face: Through the use of modern technologies, an unshapely or aging face can be improved or rejuvenated with certain cosmetic dentistry procedures for fuller lips, cheeks and smile.
Tooth Proportions: A balanced smile gives the appearance of proper proportion and good oral health. We will work with you to design a treatment plan that enhances your teeth’s esthetics and gives you a beautifully balanced smile line.

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