Dentessence “Smiles Club” Membership Program.

The Dentessence Smiles Club is a loyalty membership offering by Dentessence.

It is an initiative to motivate the public to avail regular dental checkups and ensure a better dental health awareness in community.

It offers exclusive benefits to members and helps them save money on their dental care.

The Benefits Include:

  • – FREE Dental Checkups all through the year.
  • – FREE Digital Xrays all through the year.
  • – FREE scaling and polishing once per year for adult members.
  • – WARRANTY on Dental Treatments.
  • – Caries Risk Assessment and Prevention Counselling
  • – Upto 40% Discounts on various procedures.
  • – Quality treatment by qualified Specialists.
  • – Regular Dental Checkup¬† helps to diagnose problems in initial stages and thus lesser chances of extensive¬† problems.
  • – Helps in ensuring long term dental health.
  • – Membership valid for One Year.
  • – Covers Individual/Whole Family (2 adults + Upto 2 Children)
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