We Wish No one had
Dental Pain Ever. We Wish....

Why do we have Dental Pain?

There are many reasons which can cause dental pain. 

The most common cause being Cavities. When a cavity starts, it is usually painless and keeps growing while we are not even aware of it. But once it becomes deep and reaches upto the pulp (the nerves of the teeth), it can cause Unbearable pain.

Another common reason is erupting third molars (wisdom teeth).

Infection or injury to the gums can also cause pain.

Trauma or injury is also a common cause.

Of course, there could be other reasons as well.

In all cases, you would need to see your dentist as soon as possible who will determine the cause of pain and advise the appropriate treatment plan.

What to do in case of Dental Injury?

For Next time, Focus On prevention.

Prevention is the best cure. Learn how to keep your mouth and teeth  healthy and never have pain again. 

Correctly brushing and Flossing goes a long way in keeping your teeth healthy. 

Cavities are almost always preventable. Know about cavities and how to achieve a ZERO cavity Score. 

We believe in specialty healthcare for all.

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