Whom would i trust for my Treatment?

7.-Display-at-Grand-Bazaar-900Would I trust any Branded “Chain of Dental clinics” For my treatment?


With So many to choose from???

With so many “chains” coming up off late luring me into fast and economical treatment , i have always thought if i required a dental treatment, would i really want to go to them??

I might if its just a scaling or something really small but for some “Treatment” , probably not. WHY?


  1. The credentials and competence of the doctors at the so called specialized centers is often unknown and questionable (Mostly freshers are employed). I would want to choose the treating doctor on the basis of qualification, competence and references rather than a flashy newspaper AD. After all this is about my health.
  2. I want a responsible doctor with whom I can have a long term relationship for any subsequent treatments and maintenance but the Staff turnover rate of doctors at these centers is usually too high to inspire any confidence.
  3. I would rather want to be treated by a doctor not by a businessman. Since these are basically business establishments, the Doctors are constantly monitored by the management to deliver “targets” so, the planning and the quality of treatment may be motivated by economics rather than science.
  4. An individual doctor will usually work in the best interest of the patient as he is more motivated towards making good references.
  5. The existence of these centers for long term may be questionable. A centre not making enough profits may shut shop.  If you see a trusted doctor in his clinic he will usually be around for life.
  6. And last but not the least, they may be apparently cheaper but they are ultimately costlier. These centers have lots of overheads, which ultimately are paid from patients’ pockets so the quality of the doctors and the materials etc may be compromised to compensate for the extra overhead expenses. (If something appears cheaper and has higher operational costs, how can u expect it to be the best

PS: These are my personal thoughts and do not mean to hurt anybody’s feelings or beliefs. Your opinion may or may not be similar to mine but is equally respected.

Dr. Gaurav Kr. Goel 
MDS (Prosthodontist)
Dentessence Dental Care