Child Dentistry

Child patient at dentessence

             Children Friendly Dental Clinic

 A general dentist may not be able to diagnose and treat your child as efficiently as a pediatric dentist as the dental diseases and treatments for children are very different form those of adults.

Pediatric dentists are specially trained for treating dental diseases in children. They have in depth knowledge about the deciduous(milk) teeth and their diseases and are much more experienced about treating them.

Children need more attention and care for their teeth as they are more vulnerable to dental diseases and they are at age where small things may have  a lasting psychological and emotional effects on their tender minds.

At Dentessence , we have a Child friendly atmosphere where the children feel relaxed and are more receptive of treatment and the specially trained pediatric dentist  employs various behaviour modification techniques to enhance the child’s attitude towards dental care.

 we encourage good dental habits in children right from childhood, as

Good habits last a lifetime..

FAQs about Dental Care for Your Baby